Farm Chores – The Crop Awakens

Like a phoenix, they are reborn from the ashes. 360NoHope return, to flex their farming muscles this time. See the culmination of an 8 hour stream for the Alzheimer’s Society as 11 people flail about in farm equipment for an extended period of time. Twists, turns, and unnecessary betrayals are plenty in FARM CHORES: THE CROP AWAKENS.

★★★★★★ – Farming is the perfect move for these daring directors. Very commendable. – YourFarmers Magazine

9.5/10 – How could you not like it with such a star studded cast? – Simulator Weekly

2/5 – Where were the spaceships? – PeoplesFilm

Donations can still be made to support Alzheimer’s Society through the following link!

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